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At Temperature Corporation we believe that the Internet is an excellent place to share knowledge with, and to inform our customers. We have found the resources below extremely useful and hope that you will find them as valuable. We have divided this resource into several different industires that might use chilling technology, including everything from plastics to chemical. Each industiry has been divided into directories, assocaitions, organizations, resources and articles. hopefully help you to see our website at a glance should you be unable to find what you want.


Canadian Plastics Industry Association - An industry organization designed to deliver core services and value to members of the Canadian plastics community.
Plastics News - Market news and developments that affect North American plastic product manufacturers and their suppliers and customers brought to you by Plastics News and the worldwide Plastics News Global Group.

General Plastics Heating & Cooling Chemical
Construction Material Handling Oil & Gas Beverage
Industrial - - -

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